Books enrich your spirit,

the Thothem enriches your decor


The Thothem original

The Thothem is far more than a mere bookcase. A Thothem catches the eye and sends a message. Original, surprising and full of humour. What you see is a pile of books*, placed haphazardly from floor to ceiling. The bookcase itself is (practically) invisible. The invisible boards will enable you to choose a book easily.


* as well as CDs, DVDs or a combination. Browse through our <link> photos for more inspiration and to see how the Thothem can be used.


The Thothem's standard online price is €540.


Only very little space required

The Thothem seems imposing, but only takes up very little space. All you need is space the size of an A4 sheet of paper to set up the Thothem and store a large number of books, CDs and DVDs.



The Thothem has an elegant design, and is made of a pole fitted with separate boards. The pole stands between the floor and ceiling. The boards can be clipped onto one of the pole's four sides.


Technical specifications

The Thothem is made of steel (thickness 2 mm) and covered in a mat black powdered coating (RAL 9011).
The pole is square and hollow (4 cm), and holes are drilled in every 6 cm, to clip the boards in.
The boards measure 123 x 123 mm and can hold up to 5 kg.
The Thothem also includes a ceiling panel with a screw, and a floor panel with an adjustable base. This way, you can place and affix the bookcase so it is stable and cannot topple over.



The Thothem is custom-made for you in our workshops, according to the ceiling height wanted. Advice for measuring your ceiling height can be found in the instruction manual.
The maximum standard height is 3.25 m.

You will receive four boards per metre (rounded up).
Additional boards can then be ordered


Custom delivery

Delivery to the Netherlands is free (except for the Frisian Islands), and can be organised for the date and time of your choosing. Appointments for delivery can be made by phone or email.

Assemble it yourself

You can assemble the Thothem yourself. Assembly is quick and easy when you follow the instructions.



You can purchase the Thothem for the price of €540. This price includes:
- A custom-made pole (maximum length 3.25 m)
- 4 boards per metre (rounded up)
- A ceiling panel with a screw and dowel
- A floor panel with an adjustable base
- Free delivery to the Netherlands (except for the Frisian Islands)

Additional orders

1. Boards

Additional boards can be ordered, at a unit price of €20. If you place your order at a later stage, an additional €30 will be invoiced for postage and packaging. You can order your additional boards by sending an email to


2. Height of more than 3.25 m

Is your ceiling height more than 3.25 m? In this case, please contact Thothem at the following email address for a quote.


3. Delivery outside the Netherlands and to the Frisian Islands.

Please contact Thothem at the following email address for a quote.

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