Reinoud van Hasselt is the designer behind the Thothem brand. The name refers to the Egyptian god Thoth, god of wisdom and protector of writers. All Thothem products and projects are connected with books and reading.


Reinoud is an avid reader and book-lover. He has always followed his passion professionally as a graphic designer of books and as an independent, industrial designer and maker of bookcases.
The Thothem was the first bookcase to be launched by Reinoud, with its minimalist design that fits any interior and lets the books play the leading role. The Colossi are the second production. This series - consisting of Polly, Alice and Frank - has its own distinctive design. 
In addition to bookcases for the home, Reinoud has also designed a bookcase for the public space: the Bukbieb.Reinoud wants to use this exchange library to make reading and books accessible to all. The Bukbieb is made in collaboration with supported employment.
All his bookcases are produced in-house in collaboration with a reputable Dutch steel producer. Sales are exclusively in-house (via the website).
The Thothem and Colossi are included in the Frozen Fountain collection in Amsterdam.


[Foto’s: Sebastiaan Westerweel]